About This Site:

For the casual and die hard collectors of action figures, comic books and other related geekery — Welcome to the Collect Them All.ca!

Originally started as a Tumblr blog in late August  2011, this blog site will continue to focus on toy & comic book collecting, primarily in Atlantic Canada. Article commentary may include toy collecting news, toy photography, fan conventions and offer other  information in regards to general pop culture in various genres.

Visitors are welcome here to comment and share their thoughts, experiences and devotion for collecting and fandom.

(All original text and commentary are solely the opinions of this website’s authors and not to be attributed to any other parties. All original material, photos, videos and articles on this website are owned by and © 2014 Gerald Bermundo unless otherwise noted. Licensed character names and images are copyright © to their respective owners/companies and are used for informational and entertainment purposes only.)


About The Contributors:

Gerald Bermundo (Site Owner): Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada,  Gerald has been a long time action figure/toy collector and comic book fanboy. Some of his favorite comic book titles over the years include Crisis on Infinite Earths, Locke & Key, The Walking Dead and Batman. An interest in drawing developed from reading comic books, which then later turned to an interest in photography. A toy photoblogger since May 2011, Gerald has also worked in videography, web and graphics design since 2000. Gerald’s main interests in toy collecting are the DC Universe Classics, the Masters of the Universe Classics and Vintage lines and NECA products. In addition, he also collects other toy propertries (such as Star Wars, Transformers, GoBots, G.I. Joe, M.A.S.K., Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc.). Currently, Gerald’s toy collection includes approximately over 800 items.

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