Christmas Memories

Some of my earliest and best childhood memories of Christmas include playing with my brother and cousins in the snow and building forts or digging tunnels in the front yard, going to family and friends gatherings, discovering Coca-Cola for the first time, waiting for Santa to arrive, and of course, the toys!

Back in the 1980s, I remember looking through Sears or Consumers Distributing catalogs and circling all the cool toys that wish I would get for Christmas. I remember walking up and down the toy aisles in wonder at stores like Zellers and Kresges. Nothing can beat those old toy ads or box art of some of those vintage toy franchises.

I still remember those Christmases opening up gifts and getting a Masters of the Universe Battle Ram, a Super Powers Green Lantern, the Star Wars Micro Collection Bespin World Action Playsets and other great items!

Admittedly, I didn’t have a lot of toys growing up like some of my other friends. Nevertheless, I was always thankful and appreciative whatever my parents and other family members were able to provide. As an adult and looking back, those were fun and happy times. As an adult collector, I still get excited when I get a vintage toy to add to my collection. For me, it is like going back in time.


Feel free to comment below and share your favorite Christmas memories.

Best wishes to everyone who has visited! 

May your holidays be filled with fun and happiness too!

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