New to the Collection (November 7, 2013)

“New to the Collection” is a feature where I share what I have added to my own action figure/toy collection. For this edition, I have recapped what I had acquired between September 14  – November 7, 2013!

As an action figure/toy collector, sometimes you go through periods of not finding many items around to get in your local area. (I still enjoy the thrill of the toy hunt, going from store to store.) Other priorities may arise and one becomes busy with other things. I admit it has been awhile since I last posted new items for my collection. (Plus, I was away in New York City attending a certain convention in October. More info about that in another post…) Nevertheless, thanks to MattyCollector, Giant Robot Comics, a couple of Toys R Us stores and the new Target stores (that opened up in my area) the collection continues to grow!

First of all, let’s start with the figures that I got from MattyCollector: Ocean Master, Batros, Sky-High with Jet Sled, the End of Wars Weapons Pak and (finally) the Horde Troopers set!


Aquaman’s half brother and enemy, Ocean Master, makes his way into the DC Signature Collection! I’m happy to see this character get another 6″ action figure produced (DC Direct had created an Ocean Masters figure that was part of Series 3 of the History of the DC Universe line in 2009. This figure has the standard articulation that DC Universe Classics line features and comes with his trident accessory.

The Evil Master of Theft, Batros, is the newest addition to the Filmation based characters released this year. Batros appeared in the Masters of the Universe episode, “The Temple of the Sun”. Batros comes with a spiked mace accessory. The bat wings do not hinder the articulation on the arms.  Another great Masters of the Universe Classics figure.

My first toy from the vintage Masters of the Universe line was the Battle Ram that I got during one Christmas Day. I have fond memories playing with that vehicle; that missile launcher on top of the Battle Ram shot those plastic missiles really far! (However during that particular Christmas, I did not get a Masters of the Universe figure to go along with the Battle Ram. Instead, I got a Super Powers Green Lantern that I used the Battle Ram to fight my Super Powers Joker during the holidays.) The Masters of the Universe Classics version of the Battle Ram Jet (or Sky) Sled looks great! Hopefully Mattel will produce the back end of the Battle Ram at some point in time. The Sky High figure is a nice addition to the collection for those people who appreciate the vintage box art that the figure is based from (like the Fighting Foe Men). My Sky High figure is currently displayed in my Wind Raider on the top of my bookcase, while my Man-At-Arms figure rides the Jet Sled.
CTA_ToyHaul_MOTUC_WeaponsPak_EndofWarsThe last weapons pack to be released in the line, the End of Wars assortment features Kowl in his vintage figure colors. 


The long wait is over! The Horde Troopers finally make their way into the hands of Masters of the Universe Classics fans! New tooling for these figures’s sculpts, you get 2 Horde Troopers in the package; one regular version and the other with battle damage! Each figure comes with a shield, a staff,  a crossbow and a stun baton. (And of course, I did order another set for my collection to build my small army of troopers!)

From Giant Robot Comics, I picked up two Funko Pop Vinyl figures: Batman Beyond and the Xenomorph from Ridley Scott’s Alien movie!


From one of the new Target stores in my area, I finally tracked down a Sandtrooper from the 6″ Star Wars The Black Series! Now the circle is complete… and I now own all of Wave 1 from this line! Can’t wait for Wave 2 to arrive in Halifax!


From my local Toys R Us, I picked up the Kre-O Star Trek Spock’s Volcano Mission! A quick and easy build, this set has the Light Tech feature and comes with 2 Kreon figures: Sulu and Spock in this red space suit.


As I mentioned earlier, I had taken a trip to New York City in October. From the Toys R Us located in Times Square, I got the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles M.O.U.S.E.R.S. pack! Although some of the recent figures (such as Dogpound, Baxter Stockman, Leatherhead) are not show accurate in terms of scale when compared to the rest of the Turtle figures, these M.O.U.S.E.R.S. are just the right size. You get 7 M.O.U.S.E.R.S. in the package, with some differences in color. I definitely would buy a couple more of these packs to surround my Turtle figures for display.CTA_ToyHaul_NickelodeonTMNT_MOUSERS

That’s it for now, friends! Happy toy hunting!

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