New to the Collection (August 27, 2013)

“New to the Collection” is a feature where I share what I have added to my own action figure/toy collection. For this edition of ” New to the Collection”, I have recapped what I had acquired between August 14 – 27, 2013!

On August 17th, after visiting the Sussex Flea Market in New Brunswick, my friends and I ventured into Moncton to shop a bit more. We had stopped into a store called The Comic Hunter. It was our first time in this shop and the store looked great. There is a wide selection of comic book back issues, trade paperbacks and other merchandise for sale. From The Comic Hunter, I finally got a Marvel Select Marvel Girl! What I am more excited about is to have the diorama piece that is part of the gates to the Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters! Now all I need is the other half of the gate, later to be used in some upcoming toy photography ideas that I have.

Marvel Select Marvel Girl

On Sunday August 18th, I attended the 2nd annual Dartmouth Comic Arts Festival (DCAF). I recommend to anyone to visit DCAF; a great festival featuring local talent and retailers. You can read more about this year’s DCAF here. I had bought a DC Direct Two-Face figure, based on the art by Tim Sale from Batman: The Long Halloween storyline. Plus, I also got an extra DC Direct Superman figure. This particular DC Direct Superman figure is one of my favorite figures of all time. One of the few DC Direct figures that has multiple points of articulation. The reason why I picked up another one of these figures was because I later swapped heads with a DC Direct Superman New Krypton figure to semi-customize my own Christoper Reeve/Superman action figure.

DC Direct Two-Face (from Batman: The Long Halloween)

My DC Direct Semi-Custom Christopher Reeve/SupermanThat’s it for now, friends! Happy toy hunting!

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