Adventures in Sussex

The Sussex Flea Market (located in Sussex, New Brunswick , Canada) is an annual event held the 3rd weekend in August. Over 900 vendors set up on the Princess Louise Park grounds and inside a few buildings located there for this three day event. A couple of friends and I decided to take a road trip this year to attend this flea market on Saturday, August 17th.

There are collectibles, jewelry, handicrafts and many other items available. The flea market is huge, even bigger than we expected! My friends and I took about 4 hours to walk the grounds while hunting around for vintage toys, comics, etc. My friend picked up a few small items for his Generation One Transformers collection. I picked up a few items such as some comic books, the Star Trek The Motion Picture figures, Spock and Ilia, by the Mego Corporation and a Masters of the Universe sticker book by Panini. Although we did not pick up a lot of items for our collections, my friends and I had a great time enjoying the thrill of the hunt. We may go again next year!

Here are some other items we saw at the Sussex Flea Market this year:

2 responses to “Adventures in Sussex

  1. That takes me way back! I used to go to that flea market every year when I was a kid. I used to live in Sussex for a couple years when I was 4 or 5. I remember they used to have hot air balloons and everything. It was the biggest thing in town. I live in Northern Minnesota now, this makes me home sick for New Brunswick. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.

    Jack of All Geek

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