Collected News: May 6 – 12, 2013

Each week I’ll take a look at what toy (and related) news have been announced and share what news I’m most excited about!

Mattel’s MOTUC Spirit of Hordak

On May 8th 2013 on, a secret Masters of the Universe Classics figure was revealed and available for sale for a limited time only: the Spirit of Hordak!

MattyCollector MOTUC Spirit of Hordak

Based from how Hordak appeared in the “The Secret of Skeletor” 2013 mini-comic (with a vintage style white crossbow accessory), this figure is made to be all-clear with some painted areas. The Spirit of Hordak is not apart of the Club Eternia subscription and the monthly sales on From what I gathered from reading from Facebook posts, if a viewer was able to visit the MattyCollector site at certain times of the day, he or she may have been able to order this new figure. Otherwise, the viewer may be directed to this page, basically stating that the figure is not available at this time.  To me, it is like an easter egg of sorts on a DVD or bluray; this particular item can show up at anytime and poses as a toy hunting challenge for collectors.

I have checked in on the site a few random times this week with no luck thus far. I’m hoping there will be more opportunities for collectors to purchase this surprise figure. While this is a redo of an existing figure, MattyCollector’s approach on how this is offered is very intriguing and poses questions about if other figures will be offered in a similar way in the future.

In other related news to Masters of the Universe…

Masters of the Universe/DC Universe Crossover in August 2013!

MOTU vs DC Universe in August 2013

This new DC Comics six issue limited series will be written by Keith Giffen and illustrated by Dexter Soy. From the cover art  of issue # 1 by Ed Benes (above), I am interested to see where this story goes, especially if a story involves characters from MOTU and DC Comics interacting with each other. I’d be more interested to see Shazam/Billy Batson interact with He-Man/Adam, since I associate those characters more closely with one another. Stay tuned until this August when the series begins!

That’s it for this week, friends! Have a good week!

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