Toy Hunter’s Log: V… Enemy Visitor Action Figure


Date: October 24 2012
Place: Giant Robot Comics
Item(s): V: Enemy Visitor Action Figure
Manufacturer: LJN
Condition: Complete in box, unopened, good condition
Price: $40.00 CDN

Personal Notes: In 1983, TV audiences were introduced to a new alien threat in the form of V… the Visitors. These human looking aliens were really reptilians in disguise, coming in peace but really wanting to take over the Earth. Created by Kenneth Johnson (the man who also created The Incredible Hulk and the Bionic Woman TV shows in the late 1970s), the storyline followed a resistance group in their efforts against the Visitors through a couple of TV mini-series and then a weekly TV series until its cancellation in 1985. In 2009, a TV remake of the V series was created and lasted until 2011.

I am a fan of this franchise. I did watch both the original and the remake, but I would have to say that the original scared me more. I can remember one of the earlier mini-series episodes where Diana (Chief Science Officer and second-in-command in the Visitors’ fleet; played by Jane Badler) eats a guinea pig, where her mouth extends wide and you see a big lump in her throat as she swallows the animal whole. This freaked me out as a kid!

From what I have seen on the internet, there were not many toys made for the V property. I don’t recall seeing this particular figure around my area before, until recently when I went to visit one of my local comic book shops.

The action figure’s packaging features some great box art that you would expect from the 1980s. The figure stands near 12″ tall. Included are a red V uniform, a laser weapon,  sunglasses and a human face mask that you can put on hide the lizard head.  The figure does have an action feature: you can make the Visitor’s tongue move in and out by using a button on its back.

I’m debating on whether to take this figure out of the packaging. At the moment, it has been displayed along side with my Six Million Dollar Man figure… Steve Austin will keep an “eye” on the Visitor for now.


2 responses to “Toy Hunter’s Log: V… Enemy Visitor Action Figure

  1. I have this figure. It’s awesome, still have the box too, but it’s open and I would never sell it. You’re right, the original V was terrifying to me too! Loved it!!

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