Hal-Con 2010: A Look Back


Hal-Con is the biggest sci-fi convention in Atlantic Canada and is set for October 26-28, 2012 at the World Trade & Convention Centre (Halifax, Nova Scotia). This year’s guests include Gail Simone, Larry Hama, Steve McNiven, Darwyn Cooke, John Rhys-Davies, René Auberjonois, Nicholas Briggs, Ajay Fry and many more.

The following are two videos I had filmed and edited of my experience during Hal-Con’s first year in 2010 (originally posted on my first YouTube account). The convention was then held at the Lord Nelson Hotel in Halifax. I had a great time attending this particular convention over the last two years! It’s been awhile since I have attended any other fan convention outside of my area, so I am very excited to attend this year’s Hal-Con! (I’m hoping to find action figures of the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond to go with my Electronic TARDIS!)

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