Toy Hunter’s Log: 3 G1 Transformers

Date: May 20, 2012
Place: Halifax Forum Flea Market
Item(s): Grimlock (1985), Perceptor (1985) & Galvatron (1986)
Series: Transformers (G1)
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Condition: Loose, good condition
Price: $25.00 CDN

Personal Notes: Although I’m a Transformer fan, I didn’t have that many Transformer toys when I was younger. My first Autobot was Hound. My first Decepticon was Thundercracker. I would later own Sludge, the Jumpstarters, Ramjet, Thrust and Dirge. Transformers were expensive at the time to get on a regular basis, so my parents bought me more Gobots instead. (Sure, Gobots might be regarded as the “poor man’s Transformers” to some people, but I had fun with that toy line nevertheless.)

On this day at the flea market, an elderly couple was selling some of their son’s old toys. In a box for sale, there were a bunch of beat up items (some Gobots, other action figures, parts of other toys, etc.) and these 3 G1 Transformers.

I’m a fan of the Transformers: The Movie! And here were 3 characters that were figured in that film: Grimlock (is king!), Perceptor and Galvatron! The whole box was bought for $25.00 (a good deal just for these 3 Transformers alone). These toys were in decent shape, but missing their accessories (which I hope to come across someday). I’m hoping to someday own the rest of the Dinobots and get a hold of some of the other characters from the movie too.

(FYI… Some of my favorite dialogue from Transformers: The Movie was during Optimus Prime’s battle with Megatron.)

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