Toy Hunter’s Log: The Six Million Dollar Man

Date: May 20, 2012
Place: Halifax Forum Flea Market
Item(s): 13” Colonel Steve Austin Figure (1975)
Series: The Six Million Dollar Man
Manufacturer: Kenner
Condition: Loose, near complete, good condition
Price: $15.00 CDN

Personal Notes: My earliest memories of the first action figures I owned were the 8” Superman and Spiderman figures by Mego and… The Six Million Dollar Man 13” figure by Kenner!

For kids who grew up watching The Six Million Dollar Man & The Bionic Woman classic TV shows, who didn’t pretend to run really fast by going super slow. Ha! These were definitely some of my favorite shows. Before the Terminator and Robocop, these cyborgs were on the small screen!

This figure has the bionic eye and the bionic power arm action feature. When I found this at the flea market, it did not have the engine block accessory, the socks and the removable rubber skin for the bionic arm. Overall, the figure is still in good shape.

By having those three characters as my first action figures, this probably was where my love for all things comics and sci-fi genres started. (Thanks Mom & Dad!)

Hoping to reunite Colonel Austin with Clark and Peter again for the collection someday.

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