Toy Hunter’s Log: Death Star Space Station

Date: April 29, 2012
Place: Halifax Forum Flea Market
Item(s): Death Star Space Station Playset (1978)
Series: Star Wars
Manufacturer: Kenner
Condition: Loose with box (with LP logo), near complete, good condition
Price: $60.00 CDN

Personal Notes: The Force was strong with me today at the flea market! The first of Kenner’s Star Wars playsets, this stands at 20 inches tall! This is my biggest vintage toy score for the year so far. To quote Darth Vader: “Impressive. Most impressive.”

The only other Star Wars playset that I remember having as a kid was the vintage Gun Turret and Probot and the Micro Collection Bespin World sets by Kenner. I would later acquire the vintage Hoth Imperial Attack Base Battle Set and the 3D Cantina Diorama (from the Power of the Force line). I never saw the Death Star Space Station in person until that day at the flea market. Oddly, I totally missed this huge item during my first round at the market! (Collectors tend to develop a heighten awareness for the items that they go hunting for, like spider-senses.) I was heading out the door when my eyes noticed the large Star Wars logo. Luckily, no one else noticed beforehand. Just to see a vintage box at my local flea market was amazing! I asked the seller if I could take a closer look at the item and we discussed a bit before coming to the final price. The feeling of walking out of the market with this huge playset under my arm was spectacular and triumphant! And getting home, putting the set together and bringing out my vintage Star Wars figures was equally a great feeling. Ah… nostalgia!

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