Toy Hunter’s Log: The Empire Strikes Back

Date: June 26, 2011
Place: Halifax Forum & Harbourview Weekend Flea Markets
Items: AT-AT (1981), Scout Walker (1982) and Millennium Falcon (1980) vintage vehicles
Series: Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back
Manufacturer: Kenner
Condition: Near complete with boxes, good condition
Price: $160.00 CDN

Personal Notes: I remember this kid I knew way back who seemed to have every Star Wars toy around the time when Empire Strikes Back originally came out. The few times my family and I would visit his family, I would be in awe in how his Star Wars toys would be displayed all over his room. (The room had blue walls and white carpet, sort of Hoth-like in appearance.) Oddly, this kid never allowed me to play with his toys. He only let me look at them. : (

I was a big Star Wars fan, but I never had these vehicles when I was growing up. However, to find these all items years later (and all on one morning) with the boxes was an awesome day! And yes, I do take these vehicles out of the box once in awhile and play with them. : )

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