Toy Hunter’s Log: Masters of the Universe

Date: March 23, 2012
Place: Giant Robot Comics Store
Item(s): 30+ Vintage MOTU Action Figures
Series: Masters of the Universe (1982 – 1986)
Manufacturer: Mattel
Condition: Loose, near complete, good condition
Price: Bought as part of a lot, plus trade-in

Personal Notes: In a very short time, I had found and bought a fair share of what I use to have for Masters of the Universe from when I was a kid. Plus, I got a couple of figures I never had. For example: I never had Modulok when I was younger, but after getting that figure in hand (mixing and matching parts), Modulok is in my personal top 10 favorite MOTU figures now!

Here is the list of figures that was bought in this lot:

  1. Battle Armour He-Man
  2. Battle Cat
  3. Beastman
  4. Buzzsaw Hordak
  5. Dragstor
  6. Evil-Lyn
  7. Fisto
  8. Grizzlor
  9. Hordak
  10. Jitsu
  11. King Hiss
  12. Kobra Khan
  13. Leech
  14. Man-At-Arms
  15. Mantenna
  16. Merman
  17. Modulok
  18. Orko
  19. Panthor
  20. Ram Man
  21. Rattlor
  22. Rio Blast
  23. Rokkon
  24. Skeletor
  25. Snout Spout
  26. Stratos
  27. Stinkor
  28. Stonedar
  29. Sy-Klone
  30. Teela
  31. Tri-Klops
  32. Tung Lashor
  33. Webstor

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